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Overlay AI

View your content through powerful lenses!


We have an extention on the way!

Real-time writing analysis isn’t new. What’s different about Overlay is that you can select which “lenses” you see. Moreover, with the intelligent bookmarking feature, you can save web pages for the future and use a variety of annotation lenses to find what you need.

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The Overlay.ai browser extension will be released in Fall 2019. Sign up to get one of the early invites!

Our Values


Keep your data private!

Most of the Overlay analyses are done without ever leaving your device. If you need something more powerful, you’re in control of if, when, and how to use the cloud.


Clever insights available for all!

Most advanced text analysis tools are out of reach for the average end-user, and only used by big tech companies. Overlay brings state-of-the-art text analysis tools to everyone.


Appeal to your broader audience!

Overlay.ai unveils deep trends in the messages you craft. This empowers you to craft messages that are more tolerant and broadly applicable. You can also use the intelligent bookmarking feature to analyze existing public content to gauge it's inclusivity.